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Kelley Loper, CCPL director, and Puja Kapai, CCPL fellow and convenor of the Women’s Studies Research Centre, made deputations to the Legislative Council’s Panel on Constitutional Affairs at their meeting on the Outcome of the Hearing of the Report of the Hong Kong SAR by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on 19 November 2018.

CCPL research shows a majority of people in Hong Kong are accepting of transgender people and support legislation prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

Women’s Studies Research Centre Convenor Puja Kapai recently launched her research report on Dreams of Pakistani Children: In-depth conversations with 22 girls and 3 boys, commissioned by the Zubin Foundation and funded by Plan International Hong Kong.

CCPL research finds that due to the discriminatory nature of the public housing policy, LGB individuals are subjected to an economic penalty of HKD233,539. Findings of the study also suggest that the impugned policy is counter-productive to distributing public housing fairly and efficiently.

CCPL Fellow and Convener of the Women’s Studies Research Centre Puja Kapai published a new study on “Unconscious Bias and Implications for Equality in Hong Kong and Asia”.

CCPL Fellow Dr Alex Green published a chapter “Successful Secession and the Value of International Recognition” in Research Handbook on Secession.

CCPL Associate Director Dr Anna Dziedzic and Cheryl Saunders published an article “Constitutional Implementation for Sustainable Peace” in University of Melbourne Legal Studies Research Paper No. 836.

Prof Simon Young, member of CCPL Board of Management and CCPL Fellow, published a new book chapter “Policing and Prosecution of Money Laundering” in Research Handbook on Transnational Crime.

Dr Anna Dziedzic, Associate Director of CCPL, co-authored an article “Women and Constitutions in Action” in University of Melbourne Legal Studies Research Paper No. 884.

Elizabeth Lui, Assistant Research Officer of CCPL, published an article “A Response to Infinger v Hong Kong Housing Authority — Same-sex Couples’ Unequal Access to Public Housing in Hong Kong” in the Hong Kong Law Journal.