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CCPL has a tradition of contributing to the formation and development of Hong Kong public policy and serving the community.The Centre has been commissioned by government and public agencies over the years to conduct research on topical issues. 

Executive Course: Proportionality in Global Perspective (1st February 2019)
The Course will comprise of one day of intensive interactive workshops (for a total of 5.5 hours). Proportionality is a public law doctrine that establishes whether an act that infringes on human rights is proportionate to the importance of the interests or rights behind the act. As such, proportionality has become immensely influential all over the world, and is arguably the most important and widespread test in constitutional adjudication globally, and even seen as the main sign for the phenomenon of increased convergence and interdependence of constitutional law what is termed global constitutionalism. The course will document the historical origins and spread of proportionality, discuss the different versions of proportionality in different countries, including in Hong Kong, and engage with the main debates and controversies that surround this doctrine. The course will be led by Professor Iddo Porat, Professor of Constitutional Law at the College of Law and Business, Israel. Porat received his LL.B. from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, magna cum laude (joint program with the Department of Philosophy), clerked at the Israeli Supreme Court (Justice Dalia Dorner) and received his LLM and JSD from Stanford Law School. Porat was a visiting professor at San Diego Law School (2008-2009) and a Senior Fellow at the Center for Comparative Constitutional Studies at Melbourne Law School (2017-2018). Porat’s areas of research are constitutional law, comparative constitutional law, and legal theory, and he specializes in the doctrines of proportionality and balancing. 

Senior Executive Programme – Everything You Need To Know About Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) (18th – 19th November 2016)
The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law is pleased to announce its 2 nd Senior Executive Programme (SEP) course, comprising two days of intensive interactive seminars (for a total of 10 hours) on Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). Attendees will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. The course will be led by:

  • Dr. Colin Ong, Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong and member of the Brunei, Singapore and English Bars
  • Lucy Reed, Director, Centre of International Law, National University of Singapore
  • Anselmo Reyes, Professor of Legal Practice, University of Hong Kong
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