Research Articles

Lando Massimo, “Three Goals of States as They Seek Advisory Opinions from ITLOS”, (2023) 117 AJIL Unbound 282. [Link]

Chan Cora, “Scholarship in Times of Constitutional Transformation: A View from Hong Kong”, (2024) 1 Human Rights Law Review ngad037. [Link]

Yam Julius, “Judging Under Authoritarianism”, (2023) The Modern Law Review. [Link]

No 29/23: Julius Yam, February 2023
Response Paper to the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau’s Public Consultation on Regulation of Crowdfunding Activities [PDF]

No 28/16: Eric Cheung, October 2016
The Dichotomy Between Foresight and Intention in Joint Enterprise Murder: Should Our Top Court Depart from Chan Wing Siu and Sze Kwan Lung? [PDF]

No 27/14: Bryane Michael, Indira Carr, Donald Bowser, December 2014
Evidence-Based Law: Using Data to Design and Implement Ethics-Related Administrative Law [PDF]

No 26/14: Stefan Gruber, September 2014
Perspectives on the Investigation, Prosecution and Prevention of Art Crime in Asia [PDF]

No 25/14: Vince Wong, May 2014
Land Reform Policy in China: Dealing with Expropriation and the Dual Land Tenure System [PDF]

No 24/13: Bryane Michael, June 2013
How to Implement Public Sector Codes of Conduct: Lessons from OECD Member States [PDF]

No 23/13: Bryane Michael, February 2013
Can the Hong Kong ICAC Help Reduce Corruption on the Mainland? [PDF]

No 22/13: Charles Banner, January 2013
Judicial Appointments in the Senior Courts – A Perspective from the United Kingdom [PDF]

No 21/11: Helen Liu, November 2011
Confiscation in Taiwan: The Laws and Ideas for Reform [PDF]

No 20/11: Aung Htoo, October 2011
Seeking Judicial Power: With a Special Focus on Burma’s Judiciary [PDF]

No 19/09: Sarah Carmichael, November 2009
Language Rights in Education: A Study of Hong Kong’s Linguistic Minorities [PDF]

No 17/08: Seren Tang, March 2008
Status of the Reservation to the Right to Vote in Hong Kong [PDF]

No 16/06: Carole Petersen and Peggy Lee, May 2006
Forced Labour and Debt Bondage in Hong Kong: A Study of Indonesian and Filipina Migrant Domestic Workers [PDF]

No 15/05: Paul Serfaty, May 2005
Functional Constituencies and Universal Suffrage [PDF]

No 14/05: Simon Young, January 2005
Can Functional Constituencies Co-exist with Universal Suffrage? [PDF]

No 13/04: Christopher Chaney, June 2004
The Hong Kong Executive Authorities’ Monopoly on Legislative Power: Analysis of the Legislatives Council’s Second Term Voting Records [PDF]

No 12/04: Kelley Loper, February 2004
Race and Equality: A Study of Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong’s Education System [PDF]

No 11/03: Johannes Chan, July 2003
Unauthorized and Damaging Disclosure of Protected Information: A Comment on the National Security (Legislative Provisions) Bill 2003 [PDF]

No 10/03: Simon N. M. Young, June 2003
“‘Knock knock, Who’s there?’ – Warrentless Searches for Article 23 Offences” [PDF]

No 9/03: Fu Hualing, Kelley Loper, Carole Petersen, and Simon N. M. Young, May 2003
“Group Submission to the Legislative Council, the Department of Justice, and the Security Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR on the National Security (Legislative Provisions) Bill” [PDF]

No 8/03: Robyn Emerton and Carole Petersen, April 2003
“Migrant Nightclub/Escort Workers in Hong Kong: An Analysis of Possible Human Rights Abuses” [PDF]

No 7/03: Simon N.M. Young, January 2003
“Hong Kong’s Anti-Terrorism Measures Under Fire” [PDF]

No 6/02: Carole Petersen and Kelley Loper, December 2002
“Submission on the Proposals to Implement Article 23 of the Basic Law” [PDF]

No 5/02: Roda Mushkat, July 2002
“‘Fair Trial’ As A Precondition To Rendition: An International Legal Perspective” [PDF]

No 4/02: Carole Petersen, June 2002
“Sexual Harassment in the Workplace” [PDF]

No 3/01: Robyn Emerton, February 2001
“Trafficking on Women into Hong Kong for the purpose of Prostitution” [PDF]

No 2/99: Moana Erickson, June 1999
“Implementing the CEDAW Convention in Hong Kong: Gender Policy Analysis” [PDF]

No 1/99: Andrew Byrnes, May 1999
“The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and Violence against Women: Implications for Hong Kong ” [PDF]

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