Propser Series on Political Reform

3 April Alliance for True Democracy Proposal Video
  18 Scholar Proposal Statement (Eng) Statement (Chi) PPT Video Pamphlet
  League in Defense of Hong Kong’s Freedoms Proposal Video
  Interactive Discussion
7 April Professor Simon Young Proposal Video
  Professor Michael Davis Proposal Video
  Interactive Discussion
8 April Lew Mon-hung Proposal Video
  People Power Proposal PPT Video
  Hong Kong 2020 Proposal Video
  Ronny Tong SC Proposal Video
  Interactive Discussion
16 April Chow Yung, Robert Proposal Video
  Hong Kong Democratic Foundation Proposal Video
  Eric Lam Lap Chi Proposal PPT Video
  Tang Fei Proposal Video
  Interactive Discussion
22 April Joseph Wong Wing-ping GBS JP Video
  Fong Chi Hang, Brian Video
  Interactive Discussion
24 April Professor Ho Lok Sang Video
  Edmon Chung Video
29 April Scholarism Video
  Voice of Loving Hong Kong Video
  Dr. Law Chi-kwong JP Video
  League of Social Democrats Video
  Interactive Discussion