Dual Mode (In-person with Simultaneous Zoom Broadcast) Hong Kong Under China’s National Security Law Conference

Full Programme

Panel 1: Comparative Perspectives (video)

  • Kent Roach (Toronto), Echoes that Build to a Cacophony: Hong Kong’s Security Law Compared to Illiberal Elements of the Security Laws of Liberal Democracies (PPT)
  • Cherian George (HKBU), Media Freedom and Censorship under Post-Orwellian Authoritarianism (PPT)
  • Michael Hor (HKU), National Security in Hong Kong and Singapore (PPT)

Panel 2: International Elements (video)

  • Ryan Mitchell (CUHK), Theories of Sovereignty in the Origins and Implementation of Hong Kong’s NSL (PPT)
  • Bing Ling (Sydney), The Extraterritorial Application of Hong Kong’s NSL (PPT)

Panel 3: Mainland Significance (video)

  • Zhu Han (HKU), The Hong Kong National Security Law: The Shifted Grundnorm of Hong Kong’s Legal Order and Its Implications (PPT)
  • Zheng Tang (Wuhan) & Xu Huang (Wuhan), State Secrets in Hong Kong’s NSL (PPT)

Panel 4: Specific Ramifications for Hong Kong (video)

  • Fu Hualing (HKU) & Zhai Xiaobo (Macau), The New Political Policing in Hong Kong (PPT)
  • Simon Young (HKU), Police Powers under the NSL: Legitimacy and Safeguards (PPT)
  • Kelley Loper (HKU) & Carole Petersen (Hawaii), Academic Freedom in the Shadow of Hong Kong’s NSL (PPT)

Panel 5: Constitutional and Systemic Consequences (video)