Call for Papers | The 4th Academic Seminar on “Law, Courts, and Judges in Comparative Perspective” (July 2024 Hong Kong)

On 3-4 July 2024, the 4th Annual Conference on “Law, Courts and Judges in a Comparative Perspective” will be held in Hong Kong, China. We hereby invite academics from around the world to participate in the Conference at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law.

This interdisciplinary conference aims to jointly explore the basic logic, institutional development and theoretical construction of the rule of law in China from the perspectives of law, political science, sociology, economics and other social sciences. It also seeks to promote the transformation of China’s legal research paradigm, assist the modernization of the country’s rule of law, and provide a free, equal and open communication platform for domestic and foreign experts and scholars.

The modernization of the rule of law in China is not only reflected in the modern codification of law and the popularization of legal thinking. It also signifies the role of law, courts and judicial governance in the practice of state governance. Social stability and order, as well as the long-term stability of the country, are inseparable from effective ‘judicial governance’. It should be noted that law is the cornerstone of responding to social changes and realizing modern social governance; ‘courts’ are one of the basic units of state governance and an important part of promoting the modernization of the state governance system and governance capabilities m; and ‘judges’ as a profession that shoulders the mission of impartial justice is also a key force in promoting social progress. It can be said that the connection and interaction between ‘law, courts and judges’ have become an important clue for us to understand judicial governance in contemporary China.

This conference is organized by the Centre for Comparative and Public Law of the Faculty of Law at the University of Hong Kong, and is specifically hosted by the Legal and Political Empirical Research Conference Group. The conference affairs team will organize anonymous review by experts to determine the list of participating papers based on the review results. Outstanding papers will be recommended for publication in Chinese and English journals such as the China Law and Society Review and the Journal of Shandong University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition).
本次会议由香港大学法律学院比较法与公法研究中心举办,法政实证研究会议组具体承办。会务组将组织专家匿名评审,并依据评审结果确定参会论文名单。对于特别优秀的未发表成果推荐在China Law and Society Review、山东大学学报(哲学社会科学版)等中英文期刊发表。

The working languages ​​of this conference are Chinese and English. We aim to include both domestic and foreign professionals with academic backgrounds and broader disciplinary perspectives to join us, and we look forward to the contributions from our fellow academics.

Meeting convener 会议召集人
Centre for Comparative and Public Law (CCPL), Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong 香港大学法律学院比较法与公法研究中心(CCPL)
Legal and Political Empirical Research Conference Group 法政实证研究会议组

Conference theme 会议主题
The discussion contents of this conference include but are not limited to the following topics:
1. Legislative research from a comparative perspective
2. Judicial research from a comparative perspective
3. Law enforcement research from a comparative perspective
4. Research on the legal profession from a comparative perspective
5. Justice and governance in the digital age
6. Computational legal research in the age of big data
7. Empirical legal research in an interdisciplinary context

Submission steps and conference instructions 投稿步骤与会务说明
1. Participants must first send the abstract of the paper (no more than 400 words in Chinese; no more than 200 words in English) to the conference submission system. The deadline is 8 April 2024, so that the conference agenda can be arranged;
2. The full text of the paper must be sent to the submission system by 1 June 2024. The paper must be unpublished and in Chinese or English. In principle, the word count should be no less than 10,000 words in Chinese and no less than 7,000 words in English, in Word format. We will organize relevant experts to conduct anonymous reviews in a timely manner, and will inform the selected participants and announce the meeting agenda in mid to late June 2024.
3. There is no conference fee for the conference, and guests will be responsible for their own transportation, food and accommodation expenses.

Submission system 投稿系统
For submission details, please use the following link:

More Information in Chinese

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