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As a centre for Human Rights learning, research and knowledge exchange we aim to

  • Develop the Human Rights Hub into a centre for learning, research and knowledge exchange related to human rights within Hong Kong, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond;
  • Share research on human rights issues with academic and non-academic communities;
  • Promote and coordinate human rights research activities within the Faculty of Law and the University of Hong Kong, as well as develop networks of researchers and institutions in Hong Kong, Asia and globally;
  • Collaborate with other local and international organisations to facilitate the exchange of ideas; and
  • Raise awareness of human rights issues, particularly in and related to Hong Kong.

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Master of Laws (LL.M) degree in Human Rights

The University of Hong Kong’s LL.M in Human Rights was established in 1999 to meet the increasing demand for practical and theoretical knowledge about human rights throughout the Asian region. 

Our goals are to equip students with a thorough understanding of the relevant international, regional, and domestic human rights norms and mechanisms and how to use them effectively.  Our teaching focuses on substantive and procedural international law issues relevant to the practice of human rights, but we also draw from international relations, history, politics, philosophy, sociology and other disciplines to ensure that law is understood in context. While the degree is international and encompasses human rights developments around the world, we pay close attention to issues that are most relevant to Asia.

Students have come from over twenty countries and have included government officials, journalists, human rights lawyers, the staff of national human rights institutions and NGOs and academics among others.  Graduates have gone on to work effectively at the forefront of the promotion and protection of human rights and they are part of the growing community working to improve the quality of human life within and outside Asia. 

Former teaching staff and visitors have included Andrew Byrnes, former director of the degree and currently at the University of New South Wales, Hurst Hannum, former Y.K Pao Chair of Public Law and currently Professor of International Law at the Fletcher School, Stephen P. Marks and Henry Steiner from Harvard University, Raul Pangalangan and Virginia Dandan from the University of the Philippines, Professor Deepika Udagama from the University of Colomba, Asbjörn Eide from the Norwegian Center for Human Rights and Li-Ann Thio from the National University of Singapore among others.

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Experiential Learning

The Human Rights Experiential Learning and Clinical Legal Education Initiatives aim to enhance the human rights curriculum and learning experience by providing opportunities for students to actively contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights domestically and internationally.

Undergraduate and graduate law students at the University of Hong Kong partner with community organizations to promote, protect and strengthen human rights.

The individual course offerings and projects provide students with opportunities to develop a professional network and mentoring relationships with practitioners at international and local law firms, barristers’ chambers, government bodies, United Nations agencies, and international and domestic civil society organizations. The experiences, networks and mentoring relationships enhance and deepen student learning as well as promote the values of pro bono legal service.

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